Are You Ready for Severe Weather?

Spring is the peak time for severe weather.  The Spring of 2011 has been the deadliest on record in Alabama.  Don't wait until a storm is upon you to begin making preparation.  Plan ahead!!

Severe weather should be taken seriously.  It can be dangerous and harm both you and your property.  During the spring and summer, Lauderdale County has warm, rapidly-changing weather patterns that routinely create conditions for one of nature's most violent storms - tornadoes.

Use the resources located on this page to learn more about these storms and how, by planning ahead, you can help save you, your family & your property.

Follow these steps to stay safe before, during and after severe weather:

  • Follow the instructions of local and state officials.
  • Listen to local radio and TV stations for updated emergency information.

A Preparedness Guide
Download - Requires Adobe Reader

  • Get the latest weather information from the National Weather Service at
  • Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio or battery-powered/hand crank radio with a NOAA Weather Band.
  • Make sure you have a safe place to go in case severe weather approaches, such as the lower level of a sturdy building, a basement or a crawl space.
  • Do not drive or walk through floodwater. Drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths.  Turn around and find another route if a road is flooded – it is almost always more dangerous than it appears.
  • Have a family emergency plan.  Everyone should know what to do in case family members are not together when severe weather happens. 
  • Evacuate immediately if advised to do so.
  • Keep emergency supplies on hand, including three days’ non-perishable food and water, flashlights and batteries, first aid kit, medicines.